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This is outstanding as a most important dish or a way to use up vegetables and rice.


  1. Cooked brown rice, at least two cups

  2. 1 medium onion, peeled and sliced thinly

  3. Two carrots, washed and reduce on the diagonal

  4. 1 cup peas, defrosted if frozen, drained if canned, or fresh

  5. (Any other leftover vegetable can be substituted, but greens such as broccoli or asparagus are particularly very good.)

  6. Further Virgin Olive Oil, about a single quarter cup

Heat olive oil and add sliced onion, stirring and cooking till soft, about four minutes.

Add carrots, stirring to coat with oil and heating by means of, about four minutes (can nevertheless be a bit crunchy)

Add rice, stir to break up and coat, heat by means of.

Add peas, stir in, and eliminate pan from heat.  Let sit, covered, for about ten minutes.  Add tamari and freshly ground pepper to taste.  Leftover cubed or shredded meat might also be added, if preferred, but not needed.