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You’ll have heard of cacao butter…however what precisely is it? And why is it an ingredient in each chocolate and moisturisers?

Cacao butter is a pure, plant-based fats derived from the cacao bean that works so as to add a creamy mouthfeel, perfume, and smoothness to your favorite meals and physique merchandise. It’s pale yellow in color, has a low melting level, and has an irresistible chocolate scent and aroma. And sure, this butter is totally dairy-free, sugar-free and vegan-friendly.


Cacao butter, often known as cocoa butter, is a sort of fats that comes from cacao beans. To harness cacao butter, the beans are harvested from the cacao pods, after which cleaned and roasted. Subsequent, the beans are stripped from their shells and crushed into nibs, that are then floor right into a liquid referred to as cocoa liquor. This liquid is then pressed to separate the fats. This fats, buddies, is cacao butter! The remnants are processed into cocoa powder, which implies the entire cacao pod is utilised.


Natural cacao butter is a pure, pure oil that’s free from dairy, gluten and sugar, and is appropriate for each vegetarians and vegans. Since cocoa butter is stable at room temperature however melts near physique temperature, it’s an ideal fats for any deal with that you simply need to soften in your mouth.

Cacao Butter is without doubt one of the most secure fat identified, containing pure antioxidants that forestall rancidity and permit an extended storage lifetime of two to 5 years. It’s also excessive in fatty acids, which is why it’s typically used as a moisturiser for hydrating and nourishing the pores and skin.

Organic Cacao Butter


Cacao butter melts at 35oC and can be utilized in so many various methods. Cacao butter imparts a wealthy flavour and silky-smooth consistency, making it the proper base for chocolate making with out the necessity for dairy or cream. It may be used it in truffles, bliss balls, tarts, ‘nicecream’, smoothies and principally something you need to add creamy cacao goodness to.

Cacao butter may also be utilized in pure magnificence treatments comparable to a physique butter, because it’s an important pure (and scrumptious) moisturiser for the entire household. You’ll be able to even use cacao butter as a therapy for sunburn, dry chapped lips, scar tissue and stretch marks.

Prepared to start out utilizing cacao butter? Attempt making this delicious selfmade vegan white chocolate:



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